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All White Everything


Today I am showing you this all white outfit that I was wearing to a birthday party. I bought this lace top past week. And I thought it would be very nice to wear it in an all white outfit.


Outfit: I am wearing a off white lace top. I combined it with a white skinny jeans and white heels. There are gold chains on the heels. It makes them look awesome. I also carried a white clutch with a neon yellow zipper. I wanted to keep my outfit all white so when I went outside I wore my white faux fur jacket.

Selfie with the faux fur jacket


Bringing different shades of white together gives the outfit a little extra. Each garment gets its individual attention and I think it looks amazing. What do y’all think?

Stay pretty xxo

9 thoughts on “All White Everything

  1. Je straalt zoals altijd. Ik vind de top en schoentjes heel prachtig. Het staat heel leuk met broek en jasje.xx


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