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My Colors

Hai hai,

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop color analysis and style of dress. During the workshop, I was told what colors and clothes fit me best.

The analysis showed that I am a winter type. It does not mean I like winter. I do not at all. It is call winter type because of the cool colors. The colors associated with the winter type, you see in the image below:


I tried to bring back some of the colors in my outfit of the day. It worked out pretty well in my opinion.


Outfit: I wear a navy skinny jeans with zippers at the ankles. Some of the colors of the color palette are on my shirt. On top of my shirt I wear a gray melange “boyfriend” blazer. It is slightly waisted and long. And it is a little bigger than how I would normally wear my blazers. I wear purple ankle boots with a high heel. Also, I have a navy handbag with me and I wear a long silver necklace.

Do you know what type you are?

Stay pretty xxo

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