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Evening On The Beach

Hey loves,

I don’t know about y’all, but I am enjoying this Summer. This weather 🌞 got me feeling some type of way. I’ve set my work-out mode on a higher level and I feel fit as a fiddle. My skin is glowing and I am full of energy… That is what Summer does with me 😎


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day so I went to the beach, Scheveningen. To avoid the crowds, we went at the end of the afternoon. We walked along the boulevard and had some dinner. After that we went for a walk on the beach. The feeling of my bare feet on the sand and the wind blowing through my hair is so nice. We drunk delicious cocktails on the beach at sunset.


Outfit: I wear a black & white striped crop top and a white peplum skirt. The top has a zipper at the back. My accessoires are a white summer hat with flowers and silver jewelry. I like this set of rings. The nail ring is such an outstanding piece. It’s not comfortable though but it’s surely an eye catcher.


We had such a good time. Too bad today’s weather is rainy and cloudy. I’m sure there are more sunny days to come. So keep on shopping and don’t forget to…

Stay pretty xxo.

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