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Family BBQ 🍗🍤

Hey y’all,

I had an awesome day. It was my first day at work today after a holiday of three weeks. And I must say it was a nice working day. I love my job so it wasn’t too hard. I also had a barbecue scheduled on this day. It was the Family BBQ πŸŽ‰πŸ–. We were playing fun games. It was Team Kings & Queens vs Team Fabulous hahahaa πŸ˜πŸ˜„. The Kings & Queen won. It was so much fun. Of course we also ate lots and lots of delicious food. So don’t mind my belly on the pictures 😜



Outfit: I wear a high waist skinny jeans. It is ripped at the knees. A lace crop top in this shining coral color. I love this color. A flower head band with 3 different colors in it. And brown sandals. I also wear gold jewelry.


I had a blast with my lovely family. Can’t wait till the next family get together.

Family…where life begins and love never ends

Stay pretty xxo

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