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The Wedding 👰

It is friday September 11 and today…it’s wedding day! šŸŽŠ The weather is not too bad. But it could’ve been better. I absolutely did not know what to wear. It wasn’t easy too complete my look. But it finally worked out. So this is my wedding party look.


Outfit: I wear a over knee pencil skirt. It is a high waist model. It is grey with black lines. I also wear a black leather-look top and black platform heels. Silver earrings and a silver ring.


The wedding party was at ‘de Vertrekhal’. At 21:00u the newly weds made their entrance along with a brass band. It’s a beautiful thing to witness two people who dearly love eachother get married. The place was crowded and there was a wonderful vibe. I really enjoyed this wedding party.

Stay pretty xxo

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