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Burgundy Autumn 🍁

Hello fashion dolls,

I haven’t been blogging in a while but I have been working on some things. As you could read in my previous post I am a curator for Threadest. I also have another project coming up in the next two months. So stay tuned. Eventhough I been busy I also did some fashion shopping. I have a lot of new items to inspire you. I’ll try to blog more often in the upcoming weeks.


As you may have notice in the shopping windows burgundy is a very trending color. It isn’t easy to match with other colors. But combining it with black or brown will do the trick.



Outfit: I wear a ribbed midi dress. It is burgundy/black melange a very nice color. Black tights with a criss cross pattern. Black ankle boots with belts. These boots are open on the sides, so not recommended on rainy days. A burgundy coat with faux fur collar and a belt around the waist. Accessories: a black necklace, earrings with black stones and a black shoulder bag. I also wear my vintage sunglasses.



Find this look on my profile and follow me to be update with cool fashion items.

Enjoy Autumn loves and don’t forget to..

Stay pretty xxo

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