Sweater Weather ☔

Hai loves,

Although it’s not very cold, December is a typically sweater month. I recently received a sweater dress. It is warm and comfortable. This is my ootd.


Outfit: I wear a knitted sweater dress. It has a slit on both sides and the back of the dress is a little longer than the front. I also wear my over knee boots. They are suede and very trendy at the moment. I am still looking for grey over knee boots. So if you see a cute pair of boots, holla at ya girl!



A also carried my green birkin bag. I have this bag a while. It is made of genuine leather and this model is timeless. I’m still in love with this bag.


I don’t wear my glasses 👓 all the time. But I really do like these new ones. How do you like my new glasses?


Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Wish a very pleasant last month of the year.

Stay pretty xxo

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