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Soft Pink

Hey loves,

I just realized that my lastest post was in February :oops:, but I am back at it again. How have you all been?

The weather is fantastic and I just had to take some photos. In this post I am wearing soft pink. Which is a trendy color this Summer. Read along and be inspired.


 Outfit Details

This is a leather-look dress. It stretches and has a long zipper on the back.

This is a light weight jacket. Suitable for a sunny day. It has pockets on the front and an elastic band to shrinken the waist. It is a very soft fabric. It has a suede-like touch.

I absolutely like this cap. I am not really a ‘cap girl’ but I love the fact that it is suede and has this soft color. There is an adjustable strap at the back of the cap.

I was looking for new sneakers and these sneaker caught my eyes. I like the different stuctures and the lilac color. Also they are very comfortable.

I wear a raindrops necklace. It is goldish and the stones are pink. It combines with the color of my cap and my jacket.







I really enjoyed the weather and I had such a fun day. How did you spent your ☉ sunny weekend?

Stay pretty xxo

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