Festival Look

Hi fashion dolls,

I’m back with a new post. I went to a festival and I want to show you what I was wearing.


Outfit Details

This is a leather flared skirt. The A-line keeps it kind of playfull. Which is nice for a festival look.

Top (H&M)
This is a leather crop top with a zipper on the back.

Bag (Primark)
This is my favorite black bag. It fits almost every outfit. It is a small bag so you can’t carry a lot of stuff in it. But it’s just fine for me. I just throw it over my shoulder and good to go.

Sneakers (Puma) 
These are suede sneakers. Suede is my absolute fave fabric so you will see that a lot in my posts.

I wear green/orange flower earrings with my python bracelets. Also a very fine chain necklace with pendant and my silver Dior look sunnies.




I really enjoyed myself. It was a wonderfull day and the weather was perfect! I will be back very soon with a new post. Hope to see you soon.

Stay pretty xxo

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