Summer Goddess

Hey fashionistas,

How is your summer so far? I am enjoying mine. My vacay was great. To short if you ask me. But at least I had the chance to wear my new summer outfits. In this post I am showing you my orange 2 piece. I am acutually not a big fan of orange but it looks good on my skintone. So I guessed, why not.

Outfit Details

Two Piece Dress
I bought this 2 piece last summer but I never got the chance to wear it. The top is simple. It’s the skirt that makes this outfit cute. As you can see it’s a high-low draped skirt.

I like these sandals because of the gold chains. The chains are matching my head piece. And the orange is matching my dress.

Head Piece
I am wearing a gold head piece. It compliments this outfit. Orange and gold go very well together.

I wear a gold chain and small earrings. You should always combine your head piece with small earrings. If you wear big earrings you’ll have too much going on in the head area.

Enjoy the rest of Summer ☉.

Stay pretty xxo

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