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My Colors

Hai hai,

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop color analysis and style of dress. During the workshop, I was told what colors and clothes fit me best.

The analysis showed that I am a winter type. It does not mean I like winter. I do not at all. It is call winter type because of the cool colors. The colors associated with the winter type, you see in the image below:


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Oversized Wrap Coat

Hai dolls,

I had a lunch date with my cousin. We went to a lunch bar called Bagels & Beans at the Kop van Zuid. Today was fortunately not very cold so I decided to put on my ‘wrap coat’. Nowadays a lot of women are wearing oversized wrap coats. It’s kind of an it-thing. I’ve seen them come by in different models and colors. A lovely wide coat that can be worn open or closed. To finish off my look I’m wearing my headband. The result is…Zhenshchina(=Russian for femininity)!

oversized wrap coat

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Cousin Ladies Night

Hai loves,

Nou ben ik normaal echt niet van het organiseren, maar bij wijze van uitzondering heb ik een Cousins Ladies Night georganiseerd. Samen met 8 nichten ben ik gaan skaten & eten. De avond begon lekker (voel de sarcasme LOL). We hadden om 18:00 uur afgesproken bij Skate Fever. Maar mijn cousins kennende waren we pas om 18:45 uur compleet.

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