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Orange🍊 & Peach🍑

Hello there,

Today I wear a bright color; Orange. This blouse is an item that caught my eyes instantly. Orange goes very well on my skintone. And the corset gives it a sophisticated touch.

These pants are just a new thing I tried. It’s my first 3/4 flared pants. It is a high waist model with a zipper on the front. It is kind of cute with this outfit, but definitely not an item that I would wear often.

I tried to break the brightness of the blouse with my peach shoulder bag. And it turned out to be a fruity 🍊🍑 outfit.

Outfit Details

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Say Yes 💍

Hey dolls,

I attended the wedding of my cousin at the beach. It was a very nice location and kind of in Ibiza style. The weather was very rainy at the beginning. But later on the sun eventually came through.

I wear a black stretchy pencil skirt with a lace top. And black peep toe high heels. I also had a pink tote bag with me. This bag is so cute with this outfit.



Outfit Details


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Burgundy Autumn 🍁

Hello fashion dolls,

I haven’t been blogging in a while but I have been working on some things. As you could read in my previous post I am a curator for Threadest. I also have another project coming up in the next two months. So stay tuned. Eventhough I been busy I also did some fashion shopping. I have a lot of new items to inspire you. I’ll try to blog more often in the upcoming weeks.


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Family BBQ 🍗🍤

Hey y’all,

I had an awesome day. It was my first day at work today after a holiday of three weeks. And I must say it was a nice working day. I love my job so it wasn’t too hard. I also had a barbecue scheduled on this day. It was the Family BBQ 🎉🍖. We were playing fun games. It was Team Kings & Queens vs Team Fabulous hahahaa 😁😄. The Kings & Queen won. It was so much fun. Of course we also ate lots and lots of delicious food. So don’t mind my belly on the pictures 😜


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