Autumn Is Here 🍁🍂

Hai loves,

First of all… Happy New Season 🍁🎉 I know some of you aren’t happy for Autumn to arrive, but hey…you can’t stop it. We had a tremendous Summer this year (in Holland). So I am totally ready for what’s about to come.

I plan on picking up blogging so hopefully you will see more of my fashion inspiration posts. Good things are happening to me and it feels great. And I am going to share more of this greatness in one of my following blogs.

Outfit Details

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Faux Fur Never Gets Old

Hai lovelies,

How are you all doing? I am enjoying this winter. It isn’t too cold and I have happily seen no snow … not yet. It can still come. As long as the temperature remains around 7 degrees Celsius, I have nothing to complain about. If it does gets colder my faux fur coat will keep me warm. And if you didn’t know yet … real fur is so yesterday! 👎


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Burgundy Autumn 🍁

Hello fashion dolls,

I haven’t been blogging in a while but I have been working on some things. As you could read in my previous post I am a curator for Threadest. I also have another project coming up in the next two months. So stay tuned. Eventhough I been busy I also did some fashion shopping. I have a lot of new items to inspire you. I’ll try to blog more often in the upcoming weeks.


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Oversized Wrap Coat

Hai dolls,

I had a lunch date with my cousin. We went to a lunch bar called Bagels & Beans at the Kop van Zuid. Today was fortunately not very cold so I decided to put on my ‘wrap coat’. Nowadays a lot of women are wearing oversized wrap coats. It’s kind of an it-thing. I’ve seen them come by in different models and colors. A lovely wide coat that can be worn open or closed. To finish off my look I’m wearing my headband. The result is…Zhenshchina(=Russian for femininity)!

oversized wrap coat

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